I am almost 25. In the past 10 years I have endured a lumpectomy, a cesarean section, a laparoscopy, a hysteroscopy, two colposcopies, had 2 MRIs, 6 CT scans, more blood work and tests done that I can count, dozens upon dozens of ultrasounds, been on a long list of medications, seen 7 OBGYNs, 2 mid wives, 2 NPs with family planning, 4 PCPs, 2 specialists with MFM, a reproductive endocrinologist, a urologist, a neurologist, and been to 2 pain clinics, been to the hospital and emergency room more times that I can recount.. and still have found very little out about my medical anomalies. I should add that 95% of these tests, doctors and such have occurred in the past 2 years. I hope that others do not have to suffer a headache close to as severe as these past years have been, but I am hoping that my story will help even one person and hopefully bring these issues to light. I don’t want any woman to hear “I don’t know.. lets just try this medication and hope it works,” “I don’t know.. let me refer you to another doctor,” “in my 15 years of practicing, I have never heard of this happening,” “don’t worry, this isn’t the weirdest case I have dealt with.. (insert story) was,” only to get test results back to confirm that said story is true of you. I don’t want anyone else to feel like a freak, like they are alone, to spend countless hours on the internet to find ONE article that might be of help. I am very lucky to have had my family and friends by my side through my ordeal. I am hoping to be that friend, that article, that testimonial that may help another through their own journey.

I will try to keep the story in order, but, seeing as I am still on this journey myself, I will warn that this will not always be the case. I will also post what I can find of medical articles and recent updates.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. I am not sure how I found your blog. Probably in one of my late night Google searches for answers for the pain I am experiencing. My journey for answers is definitely not as long as yours has been, but reading your struggles I felt as though I had been reading my own. My chronic pelvic pain began with a repeat csection in January. I have been to multiple doctors, physical therapists and a pain center. Always the same….”Take this medication”…..or “it is all in your head as part of the pain cycle”…. I have felt alone in this ongoing journey to make people believe that my pain is real and looking for solutions. Thank you for writing this blog. You are not alone. :/

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